The Ointment


Herbal Touch provides the skin with a healing balance of plant-derived
elements that soothes, feeds, and protects the skin. Promoting a healthy feeling.  


Each herb holds these specific properties: ST. JOHN'S WORT* - trauma, bruising, pain post-surgicle pain, anti-tumor, infections, numbness, scarring, discoloration, itching, burn prevention, lymphedema, keloids, swelling, chemotherapy, inhibits cancer growth. CALENDULA* - wound healing, scarring, keloids, infection, radiation, lymphedema. discoloration, dermatitus, skin discomfort. COMFREY* - wound healing, bone healing, ligaments and tendons, anti-tumor, scarring, discoloration, radiation, prevents bruising and hematoma, radiation dermatitus, inhibits cancer growth. ARNICA* - good for muscle pain, trauma, numbness, sciatica, skin discomfort, bracing and hematoma.


No metals of any kind have been used in the extracting and processing of Herbal Touch. 

It's safe for use before radiation and will not interfere with treatments.   Please consult a physician for use before radiation. This is manufactured exclusively by Vitality Works Incorporated Albuquerque, New Mexico.This product has not been reviewed by the FDA. 


* These herbs have a different effect on the body externally than internally. For topical use only.

Natural Plant-based Treatment for Radiation Burn.

Radiation Burn DYK: Skin changes due to radiation can differ depending on the location where the radiation is given. For example, people who have radiation due to head and neck cancer may have changes in the area of the mouth and neck (dry mouth and sore throat).

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